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Raw Onion Rings

I haven’t completed mission #1 yet, though I hope to soon. This afternoon I made some raw onion rings on a whim, based off the recipe from the blog “what the hell does a vegan eat anyways?”. I just copied the batter recipe, but omitted the garlic paste and cumin, reduced the red pepper flakes, and I just realized I forgot to add nama shoyu (tastes pretty good despite that little glitch). Instead of the cumin, I added a half teaspoon of garlic powder, and a half teaspoon of lemon pepper to make the batter taste more “american” than indian. The flax kept thickening, so I ultimately added more than a cup of (warm) water to the ground flax. They’re not done yet, but here’s some pictures of how they look so far:

raw onion rings1 raw onion rings2


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