shortish and sweet

I made a LOAD of cupcakes for a bakesale today, all from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. I made the mistake of not taking pictures before I sent them off. I was so sure there would be a few left. So no pictures. But they were absolutely GORGEOUS. Even after we sold out, people came back asking for more. So I’m making more for the next bakesale, and I’m also charging more. One dollar for sweet, organic, vegan goodness is just not enough. Anyways, I picked out the cookies and cream cupcakes, and the cappuccino cupcakes. Unsurprisingly, The cookies and cream sold out within minutes (what else would you expect from starving kids at 3:00?). The cappucino went slowly but surely. The next time I make the cappucino, I’m adding a teaspoon of coffee extract- the flavor just wasn’t pronounced enough. The topping I used was amazing! From here. It’s without a doubt, the best vegan whipped cream substitute. I’ve made it before and it came out perfectly. Today though, I only had lite coconut milk on hand and decided to use that instead. Mistake. If you want to make it lower fat, you have to increase the cornstarch and agar. Mine turned out more like a pudding than whipped cream. Tasty all the same.
Exciting news!! I might start teaching a vegan cooking class at my school. Not definite yet, but it would be so great to answer the question “what do vegans eat?”. Not to mention teaching my fellow vegans how to bake. I don’t want to be mean or offensive, but the other food at the bakesale really wasn’t all that great. I want to prevent vegan food from getting a bad reputation because a few people, to put it nicely, need to brush up on their skills. Well, I guess that might be a little harsh considering I’m talking about high school freshmen and sophmores..but still. Oh! and I’m also going to start taking classes at the natural gourmet institute =] First class I think will be a knife skills class. Admit it, someone who can slice and dice in seconds is pretty hot….yes, and skilled.


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