victory cookie!

so it’s not a very good picture (taken with a cell phone) but….

yeah…I had a young democrats party…the cookie was very much enjoyed…
here’s the recipe: <—i would reduce the sugar to 1/2 cup because the cookie came out a little bit carmelized. Not that it tasted bad at all =]

for decorating:
1) find a picture of your chosen design and print it to scale.
2) tape the design onto the back of a cookie sheet
3) wrap the entire cookie sheet with cling wrap neatly. the fewer wrinkles the better.
4) use a piping bag with your prefered icing (i used buttercream) to trace the design onto the cling wrap. freeze the pan for 10-15 minutes.
5) remove from the freezer and carefully unpeel cling wrap from the cookie sheet.
6) place the cling wrap icing side down on top of the cookie.
7) lightly press the design onto the cookie- hard enough that the icing makes contact with the cookie, but light enough that the design is not ruined.
8) refreeze for another 15 minutes or until icing is firm.
9) when firm, slowly peel cling wrap off of the cookie. any icing that does not transfer onto the cookie can be drawn in with extra icing in the piping bag. VOILA!


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  1. Hi there…still waiting to hear from you regarding BBM; I know you got your box, but have you sent your package yet? I’d really like to get this round finished; just 3 to go, and you’re one of them!

    Please get back to me as soon as you can…thanks.

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