Pumpkin Cheezecake

I made some pumpkin cheezecake last night from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. The texture was perfect, my only complaint is the taste- It didn’t taste like the cheesecake I was expecting. It really just tasted like pumpkin pie, not that I have anything against pumpkin pie, it just wasn’t what I was trying for. I’m convinced that the only way to make vegan cheesecake is with tofutti cream cheese. My mom is totally anti-tofutti, so she won’t eat anything that contains it. Has anyone had any luck making tofutti-free cheesecakes? Some other cheesecake recipes in the book called for cashews, and unfortunately, I’m allergic. Until I make a better one, these will have to do:


The bottom of each cup is lined with a graham cracker crust. They puffed up beautifully in the oven, and later sank back down after they cooled as I guess is supposed to happen with cheesecake. On another cheese-filled note, I made some “beta feta” from the same book which is AMAZING. The longer the tofu sits in the brine (miso, white wine vinegar, and water) the more it tastes and feels like cheese. Actually I made some pizza with it, and it tasted like a goat cheese- spread like one too. =]


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