Mission #1: Sunshine Toast

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with veganizing sunday brunch recipes. Maybe it’s from all the talk about Isa’s new book, Crack of Noon. Scrambled tofu has ceased to please me, and I feel the need to do some recipe concocting of my own. If you read the title, you can figure what I plan on doing. Sunshine toast is just such a “happy” morning dish. Maybe it’s just the name, but still I must veganize it!! My plan of attack: adjust fatfreevegan’s omelette recipe to resemble a fried egg. First I could make the recipe, omitting the nutritional yeast in attempt to recreate egg whites, then make the runny yolk by adding extra nutritional yeast, water, and turmeric. Cut a hole in the middle of the toast, as you would for traditional sunshine toast, then layer white, yellow, white. Sound like it could be a success? I’ll let you know when I try it.


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